Lateral Collateral Ligament (Posterolateral Corner)

The Lateral side of the knee (on the opposite side to the medial side) has a complex series of ligaments and tendons. The main ligament is the Lateral Collateral, but the whole complex is called the posterolateral corner. This complex is injured either with a blow to the inner portion of the foot or lower leg, or in combination as part of a twist when the ACL is injured. Unless there has been a severe injury, MRI often underdiagnoses ligament damage. This is another area of the knee where examination is key. Once an injury has been confirmed, non-operative treatment is less of an option than for the medial side. Reconstruction involves tunnelling through the fibula head and placing either one or two tunnels in the femur. The graft used can be either the patient’s own hamstrings or the artificial LARS graft.