This morning I couldn't contain my excitement.... Of me being challenged physically and mentally. After all, it's a day I have been waiting for. 

Right after my knee operation in Jun last year, I realised how simple happiness could come from the basic function of walking, and the freedom to move around. Fair enough I needed a proper season of rest and a time to get back to my feet. From baby steps to walking without crutches, to crossing the road, to taking a bus, they are simple tasks in life yet they posed as a challenge at that time. No slack in physio nor exercise and yet the body doesn't really recover as quickly as one think it does!  

Then the next level of confidence is needed. When I was told to jump on the operated leg during physio, I remembered my hesitation and fear. It took 3 months to have my feet physically touching the treadmill - that was like hugging a long lost friend. Not until later I was given the green light to do corners and outdoor run, I was completely thankful to be free to run. 

But being able to run is not good enough. I need to work harder to get my legs strong. Nothing could be more qualifying than Tough Mudder to ascertain if I am fully back on my feet with strength. Committing to this in Feb, I did have days where I had my fear attacks with my mind running wild. Sometimes fear needs to be tackled head on. 

So today has been very special for me - I have reached my goal knowing that I am now FULLY able. The skip full of ice, the tear gas, the electric shock, the high wall obstacles, the mud pool etc are now things of the past. Credit also have to be given to my 11 comrades that made this absolutely possible and fun! 

No matter how bad things were, they too shall pass. Sometimes things happened so we could go from strength to the strength that we didn't know we had in the first place. Coming back to becoming to who you are made to be, this is real freedom.

Lana Soh

After years of putting up with chronic discomfort (osteoarthritis) in my right knee I was introduced to Mr Jonathan Bird (Consultant)
Mr Bird went through all the options I had available to me. Where it was decided that we would go with an osteotomy. He went through what the operation would entail and the risks. Mr Bird performed the operation and I was back on my feet the very next day aided with crutches and exercises that I need to do before the next follow-up. Four months have passed and now the pain has gone. I would recommend this operation to anyone that has been suffering knee pain.  Mr Bird was an excellent professional, and would recommend him to anybody who has been suffering with Knee pain.

Paul Gladwell

Everytime I stood and walked I had pain. Now my pain has gone. It’s really really good.

Maria Robinson.

From Charlton Ladies FC

"I would like to thank Mr Jonathan Bird for the wonderful work he has done with the Charlton Athletic Women's Football Club in the last few seasons.  We have had a number of very serious injuries over the last few years and Mr Bird has helped to resolve these problems and get the players back to playing, through his skilled surgery.  Mr Bird has a very keen interest in sporting injuries to the knee and we have been very lucky to forge such a good relationship with him. His manner and professionalism is first class and he has always been around for us to discuss the players when needed.  Hopefully our relationship will continue into the future".

Simon Webster MCSP HCPC BSc Hons Physiotherapy MSc Sports and Exercise Medicine
Medical Team Leader CAWFC